Canterbury Wildcats Logo
  1. Headshot of Fran Edmondson
    The 2016 WBC Most Valuable Player is looking to back it up this year. Fran brings craftiness and poise to the post position.
    Fran Edmondson
    Sponsored by Fulton Hogan
  2. Headshot of Darcy Rose
    Darcy is a talented import that is brings energy and leadership to the team. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Linguistics at University of Canterbury.
    Darcy Rose
    Sponsored by Rydges Latimer Christchurch
  3. Headshot of Ashlee Fane
    Ashlee Fane returns for another season and brings basketball smarts and tough defence.
    Ashlee Fane
    Sponsored by Gateway Cargo Systems
  4. Headshot of Hayley Gray
    Hayley was a top scorer for the 2016 WBC Championship team. She also competes in Cross Fit and sets a high bar for fitness.
    Hayley Gray
    Sponsored by Speight's Ale House Bealey Ave
  5. Headshot of Amiee Book
    Amiee is a talented guard from Nelson who's developed a great perimeter shot. With her height, shot and ability to read the floor, she will be a huge asset to this year's team.
    Amiee Book
    Sponsored by Rebecca Toone Ray White Metro
  6. Headshot of Lauryn Hippolite
    Lauryn is a talented guard from Nelson who bring energy on defense and control on offense. She has great court awareness and will fit well in the point guard position.
    Lauryn Hippolite
    Sponsored by Barnsy's All Trade Services
  7. Headshot of Ashley Gayle
    Ashley is our formidable American import, back for another season to chase another title.
    Ashley Gayle
    Sponsored by Miles Toyota
  8. Headshot of Connie Poletti
    Connie played for the Wildcats in 2015. She returns to bring power and hustle to post position.
    Connie Poletti
    Sponsored by All Stars Inn on Bealey
  9. Headshot of Terina Wanoa
    Terina is a speedy guard who leads from the front and shows grit. Terina is a also a talented rugby player.
    Terina Wanoa
    Sponsored by XCM Sport
  10. Headshot of Esra McGoldrick
    Esra is a talented Junior Tall Fern and with size and skill that will be hard to stop from the perimeter.
    Esra McGoldrick
    Sponsored by Vodafone
  11. Headshot of Courtney Hamblin
    Courtney is a versatile guard who brings intensity on offence and defence.
    Courtney Hamblin
    Sponsored by Maxwells Drycleaning
Canterbury Wildcats Logo
  1. Portait of Tsubasa Nisbet
    Tsubasa Nisbet
    Burnside High School
  2. Portrait of Sapphire Wairau
    Sapphire Wairau
    Christchurch Girls High School '17
  3. Portrait of Sofia Kennedy
    Sofia Kennedy
    Middleton Grange HS '18
  4. Portrait of Charlotte Whittaker
    Charlotte Whittaker
    St. Andrew's College
  5. Portrait of Sammy Duggan
    Sammy Duggan
    Clemson University '16 (Rowing)
  6. Portrait of Bianca Raquel
    Bianca Raquel
    Lincoln University
Canterbury Wildcats Logo
  1. Headshot of Lori Mcdaniel
    Lori McDaniel
    Head Coach
    2017 Coach of the Year '16 WBC Coach of the Year NZ Select Assistant Coach '16 NZ Under 17 Coach '17 Butler University
  2. Headshot of Gina Farmer
    Gina Farmer
    Assistant Coach
    2017 Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee Former Tall Fern & 2x Olympian Former Professional Basketball Player NZ Under 17 Assistant Coach
  3. Headshot of Sally Farmer
    Sally Farmer
    Assistant Coach
    Former Tall Fern & 2x Olympian Coach of Canterbury U19 team
  4. Headshot of Josh Thomspon
    Josh Thompson
    Video Coordinator
    Head Coach of Ellesmere High School Women's Basketball Team and Lincoln Women's Prem Team
  5. Headshot of Ushma Shah
    Ushma Shah
    Team Manager
    2016 Team Manager of the Year Best Massage Therapist in Christchurch